Happy new year!


Thank you 2018!  It was a very important year. I played incredibly great concerts all over Europe.  Some dreams have come true.  It went to Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Holland, Italy and Iceland!  I played on Kaltern Pop before Soap&Skin, on Iceland Airwaves I shared the stage in the National Theater Reykjavik with Ólafur Arnalds and in Berlin Funkhaus I supported Max Cooper.  By the way, these three artists have each released fantastic albums this year!

Concerning my release I was searching for a long time and had to decide to say no in some places.  But I am very lucky to have found a wonderful team, with whom I will finally announce the release early next year with a sure feeling.  And I can tell you that I expect incredible things and I can’t wait to share the news. First of all thanks to Debbie Clare and Ned Becket from Little Big Agency, to my new gentlemen managers Jonas Johne and Max Domma from Smplythebest, to Miguel Murrieta Vásquez for helping me on all levels, to Wyndham Wallace for all what you have done and last but not least to my crowdfunders for your support and patience!

Today I celebrate the entrance into the new year in the Ecuadorian Amazonas.  I think it honors both the end of the year and the beginning of a new one in a wonderful crazy way. I wish you the very best and that your dreams come true little by little, too!




Photo: Miguel Murrieta Vásquez, Iceland


Lisa Morgenstern