Dear friend!

I am currently working on my second album and i have just started a crowdfunding campaign running on Startnext. We have already reached one third of the target during the very first days. Please help me to spread the news and get involved in the project!
If you have questions about individual rewards, do not hesitate to write me. Thanks to all of you!

I have written 11 new songs for my album 'Chameleon' and am currently starting the process of recording, producing and mastering them. I will work with some amazing musicians and record some beautiful instruments for this record and I'm really excited to share everything with you. This is where you come in. To make this record happen, I'm going to need your help to fund the recording process.

Listen to 'Levitation' on Soundcloud and download the song together with an amazing remix by Ben Lukas Boysen on Startnext.
'Levitation' is the first single from the album 'Chameleon'. While most of the songs on 'Chameleon' are piano songs, 'Levitation' is based more on analogue modular sounds and wurlitzer, combined with Sebastian Plano playing the cello and of course my voice!