The music of my upcoming Album 'Chameleon' is finished since the beginning of this month. That means, that the mastering is finished! And everything until now was paid through your help on Startnext!
Now I am looking for release options and labels. Because there are many steps left to be done for a proper release and the aspired result of a beautiful product. So things certainly remain exciting and there is still no release date set yet. Your lovely messages tell me that i am not the only one, who needs to be in patience. For now - here are some cute scans of polaroid pics that we took during the final process:

Thank you Sebastian Plano for producing the whole album and recording magical cellos. You did an awesome job!
Thank you Tom Adams for adding your enchanting voice on some of my tracks.
Thank you Ben Lukas Boysen for your beutiful remix and recording reverbs for my vocals with your nice machines.
Thank you Martyn Heyne for finalizing and rounding off the album with your mastering.
Thank you also to half a dozen friends who have been part in the writing ore recording process! It has been a blast!

Lisa Morgenstern