There are exciting things on the horizon! I am dragging heavy luggage again...

NDR Fernsehen filmed the prep work for TASTE Fest der Künster 2017. First time that I arrive at a venue and i am allowed to choose between three grand pianos. You can find the little clip, that we shot here [min 14:00]. Also I will spend a few days in september in piano paradise at the Klavins Piano Manufaktúra Kft. in Vác, Hungary. I can't wait to play the remarkable 88 Key Una Corda.

I am looking forward to meeting some old and some new friends at these upcoming shows!

▼ 12|08|17 HAMBURG | Kulturwerkstatt - Taste Fest der Künste

▼ 12|08|17 HANNOVER | Béi Chéz Heinz - Bruits de la cave - le festival

▼ 26|08|17 VÁC (HU) | Klavins Piano Manufaktúra - Una Corda piano sup. Tristan Eckerson

▼ 16|09|17 BERLIN | Acud macht neu - Para Mexico

▼ 29|09|17 POTSDAM | Rechenzentrum - Kosmos Konzerte

▼ 09|10|17 BERLIN Loftus HallBastards art night show, Institut Serbsky

Lisa Morgenstern