News: Chameleon

The music of my upcoming Album 'Chameleon' is finished since the beginning of this month. That means, that the mastering is finished! And everything until now was paid through your help on Startnext!
Now I am looking for release options and labels. Because there are many steps left to be done for a proper release and the aspired result of a beautiful product. So things certainly remain exciting and there is still no release date set yet. Your lovely messages tell me that i am not the only one, who needs to be in patience. For now - here are some cute scans of polaroid pics that we took during the final process:

Thank you Sebastian Plano for producing the whole album and recording magical cellos. You did an awesome job!
Thank you Tom Adams for adding your enchanting voice on some of my tracks.
Thank you Ben Lukas Boysen for your beutiful remix and recording reverbs for my vocals with your nice machines.
Thank you Martyn Heyne for finalizing and rounding off the album with your mastering.
Thank you also to half a dozen friends who have been part in the writing ore recording process! It has been a blast!

Lisa Morgenstern

Update: Chameleon

Dear friends!

Happy new year to you all! These last couple of months have been very exciting. For this, I send you my heartfelt thanks. I also wish to let you know that I am eternally grateful for your love, patience and for the many messages, letters and even packages that I have received! I would like to give you an update on the status of Chameleon, as many of you have been asking when it is going to be released.

For me, 2016 was a special and incredibly productive year! Since I obtained the funding which enabled me to turn my album from a dream into a reality, I have had the pleasure to work on my compositions with Sebastian Plano. 'Chameleon' has been growing, transforming and changing its colours - so that now its name fits even better! It has turned out to be much more personal than I had anticipated. I thought it would feel more like a window facing new landscapes but it has become a true mirror upon my internal self. And this was kind of surprising as I had initially conceived the musical themes as a sort of abstractions, however; when life was breathed into them, conceptually they were far richer and deeper than I imagined. 'Chameleon' is developing more and more as these musical ideas merge and move towards becoming final creations. These songs are nearly ready and I would love to let you hear them but it is not that easy, as you can well imagine. We will all have to wait just a little bit longer as I decided to explore possibilities with potential labels.

I am clearly very excited about who I am going to be working work with. So, to all of you that are asking, when 'Chameleon' is going to be released, unfortunately I cannot yet give you a clear answer, but I will let you know as soon as is humanly possible!

I have sent out nearly all the crowdfunding gifts. Please let me know if you didn't receive yours yet. Some gifts were returned to me and not all of you have answered my messages to let me know how to solve this. Some are not completed yet, because i am missing your specifications.
Furthermore, I have made a few more demo cassette mixtapes and I am happy to say that they have turned out very nicely. With these, you could hear previously unreleased demos and B sides spanning my whole career. I created each mix-tape individually and in the process, I have combined new and old compositions in an aesthetically appropriate fashion. Whoever is interested in getting copies of these, please write to me about this as well.

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With my best wishes, warmest of thoughts   
and with all my heart!   
Lisa Morgenstern   

New Album: Chameleon

Dear friend!

I am currently working on my second album and i have just started a crowdfunding campaign running on Startnext. We have already reached one third of the target during the very first days. Please help me to spread the news and get involved in the project!
If you have questions about individual rewards, do not hesitate to write me. Thanks to all of you!

I have written 11 new songs for my album 'Chameleon' and am currently starting the process of recording, producing and mastering them. I will work with some amazing musicians and record some beautiful instruments for this record and I'm really excited to share everything with you. This is where you come in. To make this record happen, I'm going to need your help to fund the recording process.

Listen to 'Levitation' on Soundcloud and download the song together with an amazing remix by Ben Lukas Boysen on Startnext.
'Levitation' is the first single from the album 'Chameleon'. While most of the songs on 'Chameleon' are piano songs, 'Levitation' is based more on analogue modular sounds and wurlitzer, combined with Sebastian Plano playing the cello and of course my voice!